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Oh what an irony

In the grand tapestry of teaching, oh what an irony,

Heavy workloads and limited time, a teacher's reality.

The demands of planning and administrative tasks,

Leave little room for professional growth, an ironic mask.

Within the walls of my university, oh what a laugh,

As an assistant professor, my teaching is my craft.

To educate young minds with care and dedication,

But earning my keep, through biometric attendance verification.

With a smile, I punch the clock, my duty to fulfill,

Teaching well matters, but attendance pays the bill.

Oh, what an irony in this academic dance,

Where timekeeping determines my financial advance.

Standardized assessments hold their prominent sway,

Personalized instruction often pushed astray.

In the pursuit of measurable student success,

Oh what an irony, overall learning becomes less.

Creativity yearns to dance with the curriculum's frame,

But guidelines and standards make it lame.

Balancing innovation and prescribed requirements,

Oh what an irony, creativity often expires.

Assessment-focused teaching takes center stage,

Holistic development may find itself in a cage.

The pressure to achieve desired outcomes so keen,

Oh what an irony, limiting the broader learning scene.

Teachers, pillars of education, yet often unrecognized,

Their impact immense, but acknowledgment minimized.

In the realm of recognition and fair compensation,

Oh what an irony, undervaluing their dedication.

Autonomy, a cherished gift for teachers to possess,

But administrative constraints can hinder their success.

Top-down decisions and rigid schedules in place,

Oh what an irony, limiting their teaching grace.

Work-life balance, a delicate tightrope to tread,

Nurturing students' well-being while their own is spread.

In the pursuit of equilibrium, an ironic juggle,

Teaching others to thrive, their own balance a struggle.

Outcomes become paramount, their value held high,

Yet the process of learning can sometimes pass by.

Prioritizing scores over growth and lifelong skills,

Oh what an irony, neglecting the learning thrills.

In the world of teaching, ironies abound,

Navigating the contradictions, often profound.

But amidst these challenges, educators endure,

Oh what an irony, their passion remains pure.

As the semester concludes, teachers yearn for a break,

A sponsored vacation, a respite they gladly take.

But in a twist of fate, it's called "faculty development,"

Oh, the irony of leisure masked as professional betterment.

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