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Rajat Akre is a Pune-based designer born and raised in Nagpur, Maharashtra. After graduating from the Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing, Jabalpur, he began his professional career designing for a lighting company and freelancing in his spare time. 

In 2022, Rajat moved to Pune to work as a Design Educator, working an Assistant Professor at MIT Institute of Design, Loni, Pune.

Today, Rajat Akre primarily focuses on teaching about designing everyday objects and enhancing the experiences around them, and also consults on projects ranging from ergonomics to semantics of a product.

Consult | Collaborate | Hire

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Download my CV click here.

What can I do for you?

Instructional Design and training
CAD/ rendering
Ergonomic analysis
Design Thinking
Content creation
Photography/ Videography
Industrial Design
Website Design
Branding & Identity
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